Why your company needs to outsource a professional bookkeeper

Explore any good bookkeeping blog and you'll find information about why it's a good idea to outsource to a professional bookkeeper. We've touched on it before, but here's the full story. If you're muddling along without expert support, perhaps it's time to hand over the numbers stuff to someone who knows exactly what they're doing and, just as importantly, actually enjoys it! Here's what you need to know.

29 good reasons why it makes sense to outsource your bookkeeping

1. Just because you run your own business, it doesn't mean you're a whiz with the accounting side of things

2. Good quality outsourced accounting is widely regarded as a reliable way to cut costs in the longer term

3. Doing your own taxes can be frustrating, hard to understand and time consuming

4. A dedicated expert should get things boxed away much faster than someone less experienced

5. A pro bookkeeper understands the lingo

6. When you spend less time sorting out paperwork and payroll matters, you can spend more time doing what you do best: selling stuff and growing your business

7. It's simpler and costs less to hire a freelance bookkeeper than it is to employ someone part time on your payroll

8. You only have to use their services when you really need them, so it's good value for money

9. Even when your sales levels are excellent, the business won't survive unless you have someone to stay on top of invoicing and credit control

10. A qualified bookkeeper is a lot cheaper than an accountant, and there's no need to use an accountant for bookkeeping

11. An experienced bookkeeper will be up to date with changing financial and tax legislation, so you don't have to be

12. They will be au fait with developments in accounting software and tools

13. Because they work with many businesses, they know how to avoid the mistakes that other companies have made

14. A good bookkeeper will carry out basic credit control for you

15. You don't have to learn to use bookkeeping software because they're fluent in it

16. Because not all accounting software automatically links with your business HMRC account, your VAT return and payroll submissions will need to be handled manually. A bookkeeper knows which dots have to be joined and how to join them

17. Two pairs of eyes are better than one! A professional can help you develop your business safely and sustainably, give you a clearer perspective on your progress, and ensure your hard-earned money is being spent in the right directions

18. You can get your bookkeeper to sign an NDA if you're concerned about confidentiality, but proper professionals will automatically take confidentiality very seriously

19. Your bookkeeper will make sure your records are up to date and current at all times, so you can make real‐time decisions based on the genuine financial health of your business

20. They'll create solid accounting systems and generate accurate financial reports to help you make better business decisions

21. You will always know exactly where you stand financially

22. Accurate books reduce the risk of an HMRC audit

23. You will be properly prepared if you are subjected to an HMRC audit

24. A remote bookkeeper will encourage you to digitise paper records so they're a lot easier to handle and store, and you have a good, solid 'paper trail' of evidence at your disposal

25. Good bookkeepers put secure data protection in place so your data is kept confidential and is hard to access and steal

26. You feel more confidence and peace of mind when faced with the tax man

27. They'll help you claim all the tax deductions your business is eligible for

28. You have an outsider who stays abreast of changing laws which means you don't have to do training yourself, or send employees on training courses

29. Once you've defined the process between you, you can sit back and let them get on with it in the knowledge your bookkeeping will be carried out properly, by a pro

If all that sounds good to you, give us a call on 01273 661913 or email us karen@abenbookkeeping.co.uk. We'll be delighted to pitch in and achieve bookkeeping perfection on your behalf!

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