Karen Moore

Karen is a time served, professional, fully qualified Bookkeeper and the founder of Åben Bookkeeping. Her entire career has been spent crunching numbers and meeting the demanding nature of VAT returns, Staff Payroll and exceeding the required amount of Continual Professional Development (CPD) to ensure the highest level of professionalism.

Karen first had a her interest awakened during her school years, from this early age it was apparent that she possessed a natural ability to work with numbers. Once her appetite was whetted there was no going back, Karen followed this passion and excelled in her academic studies in Mathematics and soon began her career working at a chartered accountants in Hove as a Bookkeeper, she was soon ready to grow further and took a decision to work in a smaller practice to gain more experience.

This decision was to prove instrumental in her learning a great deal more about the needs of small business owners and how their Bookkeeping and support needs differ from larger corporate entities. Her experience grew over the next 13 years until the time came to further improve her skills and experience. Karen ably assisted several charitable groups in this time, which helped her to understand the complex needs of registered charities.

As with so many driven and dedicated people the time came when Karen needed to make a decision, carry on working for others or take charge of her own destiny. In 2008 Karen took the plunge and invested in a franchise with The Local Bookkeeper which latterly became The Financial Management Centre and successfully operated within the Brighton area, for many clients.

Karen realised that the digital world we live in would allow her to further control her own destiny and in May 2015 decided that it really was time to create her own company. This is the next step to completing the journey that she began in 2008, whilst commencing another in building her own business.

With this decision Karen was able to pay respect to her family Heritage in naming her Business “Åben" which is Danish for “Open" this subtly brought together her family history and the professional approach she has to business.

“I am relishing the challenge of launching Åben Bookkeeping and building a solid business for my future. My plan is to create employment opportunities for those who take the same pleasure in working with numbers that I do, more importantly they will have the same determination that I do to satisfy my clients"

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