VAT returns can be a complex and frustrating part of running your business which can cause uncertainty when submitting your figures. What is certain is that HMRC will not accept a lack of knowledge or experience as a defence for inaccurate submissions.

Our VAT returns service is specifically focused on removing this difficulty from you. With over 25 years experience you can be safe in the knowledge that we will make sure that you present accurate and timely figures to HMRC.

Key points to consider:

  • VAT threshold
  • When to go VAT registered
  • De registering for VAT
  • On line submissions
  • Your quarterly periods
  • Integrated returns through accounting software
  • Cash flow to ensure funds available
  • Approving the figures before submitting
  • What is or isnt allowable (expenses)
  • Exports and ECSL

Please contact us on 01273 661913 or use the form below if you would like to discuss your VAT returns with us.